Starting in September | Modified intensive therapy sessions to coincide with school schedules


Achieve Health & Wellness was established through years of experience, dedication and true compassion.

“Delivering truly state-of-the-art therapies for our clients is my personal mission,” says Beth M. Hubbard, Achieve Health & Wellness founder. “Our staff and programming maximize both short-term and long-term benefits to clients and their families.”

Our staff credentials include:

  • Clinicians with Doctorate of Physical Therapy
  • Clinicians with specialized certification in TheraSuit Method and Advanced Training for TheraSuit
  • Owner/clinician with more than 2 years of experience working with the developers of TheraSuit and TheraSuit Method treating patients, teaching TheraSuit Method and writing/re-writing manuals and teaching materials for TheraSuit
  • Extensive experience with the pediatric population and neurologic disorders
  • Clientele from around the country that are willing to travel to MN to receive therapy services from owner

Beth Hubbard, PT, DPT

About the Founder

Hubbard began pursuing this dream shortly after completing her Doctorate in Physical Therapy at the Mayo School of Health Sciences. She has since Served in numerous specialized physical therapist roles, specializing in serving clients in neurologic rehabilitation, pediatric fitness and TheraSuit protocols.

Her passion for delivering improvement-based physical therapies began in high school. As an athlete, she experienced the client side of physical therapy as a result of injuries.

“I developed true respect for high-caliber PT practitioners, and knew this was the right direction for me,” she says. “Halfway through college I was assigned 100 hours of PT observation. I witnessed the success of TheraSuit, and set my sights on opening a clinic to provide highly effective PT.  Achieve Health & Wellness is the realization of that dream.”